About us

Creating better relationships between renters
and landlords with our rental software platform.

Rentorr is an innovative platform offering transparent rental services for both tenants and landlords of South Africa. For renters and small landlords, Rentorr is a rental management system that integrates rental applications, tenant screening, roommates, rent payments, and property maintenance into one simple platform.

Taking the stress out of renting

We all get to deal with property renting at a certain point, so we know how stressful rental business can be sometimes.

Which is why Rentorr is on the mission to change the situation we still have on the market. We want to make things as simple, transparent and quick as possible.

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Rentorr’s Missions

We created Rentorr because there wasn't a handy way for renters to control their rental experience, especially when living in properties managed by small landlords.

Completing multiple paper rental applications, mailing rent checks, and calling to report maintenance issues was not only inconvenient, but it didn't provide a way to build rental history. We strive to make life easier for both tenants and landlords with a single platform to manage the entire rental experience.

Rentorr is a good fit for you if you are:

  • property-owning landlord that would like to avoid tenant risk and rent your estate to a decent tenant;
  • looking-for-an-apartments tenant who would like to quickly find a perfect spot to settle down;
  • skilled professional who would like to have a stable income out of work you do in landlord’s properties;
  • real estate company or agent who would be interested in expanding your client base and growing your business;


  • hello@rentorr.com
  • +271 2000 2568


  • 2016


  • Pretoria, South Africa