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  • What happens after I offer a lease to a tenant?

    Once a tenant fills out their application form and gets scored, you as a landlord will be notified to review it. If the application looks good and you wish to proceed and offer the applicant a lease you can do so from the full application view or the sidebar action menu on the list of applications. You can make multiple offers to applicants. Once you make an offer, applicant will be notified that the offer has been made and that they have to accept it. If multiple offers have been made, applicant will be notified that the time is of essence and that the first applicant that accepts the lease offer is the one that gets the place. Once an applicant accepts the lease offer, all other applicants will be notified on your behalf that the unit is not available any more.
  • My tenant defaulted on rent. What should I do?

    If you have a tenant that stopped paying rent, it is best to start taking action immediately.
  • How do I add my listing to Rentorr?

    Fill in the Property Listing Form following the instructions
  • How many photos of my property should I upload?

    You can upload as many as you want, but not less than 3.
  • How does someone apply for My Property?

    As soon as you post your listing on Rentorr, your property becomes available for potential tenants. It will immediately appear in search results of the platform.
  • How can I edit my property details?

    On your property listing page there is a button "update". Press it.
  • Can I upload my own rental agreement to Rentorr?

    Yes. You can also choose from our standard lease agreement free of charge.
  • Can my tenants pay rent via Rentorr?

    Sure they can! On Rentorr we use different payment gateways including EFT, Debit & Credit Cards.


  • What do I get if I sign in on Rentorr?

    You get a free access to a enormous database of landlords and tenants seeking for your help. Rentorr also guarantees you safety and times payment for the work you do.
  • How can I apply for a job?

    The jobs available appear on your dashboard when landlords find you and send you offers with the description of their issues. If you accept it, you send a job offer back to the landlord and you rescue his plumbing issues.
  • How much money can I charge for my services?

    Once you sign up, you set a fixed price you are going to charge per hour. When you receive an application from the landlord, you estimate the amount of work you need to make, and give your price to the landlord in the job offer.
  • If there a commission for my services on Rentorr?

    For you - no. Only landlord have to pay % commission fee for all the transactions they make.


  • What if my landlord invited me to apply via Rentorr, what does it mean?

    It just means that this landlord has chosen Rentorr for the online property renting services. Create an account on Rentorr in a few simple steps, find your landlord's apartment and apply for it!
  • Do you share private information about my background and my credit history with others?

    No, your personal data is available only for the landlord whose property you have applied for.
  • Can I pay rent via Rentorr?

    Yeah, we use EFT, Credit & Debit Card for all the online transactions.
  • How can I look for some properties on Rentorr?

    Click on the "Properties" tab, and use different filters to help you search for proper apartment. After setting them up press "Apply filters" and go for it!
  • How many rental applications I can create at the same time?

    You have unlimited amount of application to submit on Rentorr.
  • How can I apply for an apartment I like?

    Pick a property listing you like, press the "Apply to rent" button and follow 3 simple steps to submit a rental application.


  • Does Rentorr take commission fee for its services?

    Yes, you only have to pay % recurring monthly services fee if you are a landlord using Rentorr payment processing services.
  • How does your security system work?

    Rentorr uses the FraudCheck integrated system, which extracts the user's data and gives a brief report on user's criminal records, court judgments and verifies user's ID.
  • How much does Rentorr cost?

    Rentorr's services are entirely free for basic user account. We will only require a small fee once you get use one of our premium features (pro-account, featured property listing and on-site rent payments).
  • I forgot my password. How can I receive my account info?

    Click "Sign In" button, then follow "Forgot Your Password" link to request a new password .
  • Does Rentorr offer vacation or seasonal property rentals?

    No. Rentorr is focused on long-term property rentals only.
  • Is Rentorr available worldwide?

    No. Rentorr is currently available is South Africa only, but we are planning on expanding to the other African countries soon.
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