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Why Use Rentorr?


Find Fantastic Property to Rent

Use unrivaled rental property mechanism to pick your perfect match out of thousands of apartments. We have the whole South African rental database with impeccable apartments in it for our clients.


Have a Simple Rental Application Procedure

Rent without the hassle. The whole application process for your dream-property and rental lease filling in takes a few minutes - and you can do it just while lying on the sofa at your place!


Protect Yourself with Tenant Screening

Rentorr uses exceptional credit score services, background checks, and property management software to protect your investments. Enjoy the comfort with a complete peace of mind.

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Soon we’ll revolutionise the way people rent and let their homes, please request an invite here.


Be a great landlord with Rentorr.

Being the perfect landlord can be tricky, we know. Rentorr’s simple and effective rental management solutions simplify landlord’s life. With us, you can screen tenants, collect rent online and organize your rental records. We want you to enjoy living in the 21st century.

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Landlord Features


Showcase Your Property

Display your property for let in style! All you need is a brief description, a few photos, and a preferred price, and we’ll manage the rest to get you an incredible tenant.


Access Unlimited Tenant Profiles

Our process is a no-brainer - tenants can easily find and contact you. No matter what you’re looking for, you can find your perfect match on Rentorr.


Complete Lease Security

Secure your lease agreement with Rentorr. We use credit checks, social information, and public data to inform a smart applicant ranking system, designed to protect you from fraud and forgery.


Secure Payments

Rentorr uses top-of-the-range rental management software so your tenants can pay rent online, and you can accept payments instantly.


Do you have a property management business? Rentorr can help you grow it.

Our upcoming features will allow you to create a website for your company within Rentorr - and connect with thousands of tenants and real estate investors looking for rental properties all over the South Africa. Updates are coming. Stay tuned!


Spend less time searching and more time living.

A 10-second sign-in procedure gives you an access to thousands of homes available. Rent without the hassle. Find your new rental from the comfort of your own home.

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Tenant Features


Unlimited Rental Applications

Rentorr saves your precious time. You submit an application form once, but apply for multiple properties as many times as you want - all for you to find your perfect match.


Handy Landlord-Tenant Communication

Apply for a property, e-sign a contract, renew your lease, chat with your landlord - the possibilities are endless. Rentorr has your back covered.


Secure Online Payments

No need to have sign the rental payment check every single month - as with Rentorr you can now transfer money via PayPal, EFT or using your credit and debit cards.


Easy-to-request Maintenance Services

Once a broken sink occurs, you don’t need to wait for ages to get it fixed- just describe an issues, set a priority and let Rentorr find you a pro for this fix!


No need to worry about a broken kitchen sink anymore.

On Rentorr you can also hire a professional contractor to help you fix all of your household issues. There will be no endless phone calls and waiting - sign in, describe the issue and pick the pro to fix it!

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Contractor Features


Amazing Work Opportunities

A quick sign-up procedure - and you can go through loads of adverts, all from the requiring maintenance property owners.


Freedom of Choice

Out of the thousand applications you get to choose those that appeal to you and your professional skills. Rentorr lets you work on the field where you are simply great at.


Online Salary Transfer

We want to ensure that you get your fair share of the payment - which is why we have a great choice of payment providers (PayPal, EFT, credit/debit cards). Rentorr lets you get paid in the way you want to.

Secure processing

Secure Payment Processing

Earn money and get paid. Always and on time. With Fraud Check we applied in Rentorr you understand who you work with right from the start, so no way a fraud could occur!

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